An important indicator of serotonin deficiency

Whether we have serotonin deficiency can be detected by a simple test.

• Do you have during autumn or winter, when we have less sunlight in our lives, a tendency to sadness?
• Also, after rest you can hardly wake up and you do not feel fresh?
• Are you waking up in the morning and already getting tired?
• Do you eat almost nothing and still gain weight?
• Are you tired and cannot sleep?
• Are you explosive and difficult to handle?
• Are you exuberant?
• Are you suffering from chronic fatigue and too little creativity?

If you answered at least twice, YES, we can help. With MAKE U HAPPY, your answers "yes" will slowly start to fade away. Just one tablespoon a day and you'll feel better after a week: less tired, well tuned, and adjusting your daily schedule. After 12 hours of energy, natural fatigue gradually emerges and there is a need for sleep that comes. Sleep will be deep enough to start regenerating the body. So, after awakening you will not be so tired until the tiredness completely disappears.

Launching natural processes in the body also leads to fat loss. Just take a 5-10 minute walk after taking MAKE U HAPPY. Whether you choose exercise, walking (for example, fast walking on a bus, to a shop), vacuuming... the choice is up to you, a better functioning metabolism causes weight loss up to 5kg per month without dieting.

Increased serotonin production in the body leads to a decrease in the need for antidepressants and may lead to their complete discontinuation.

WARNING!! Antidepressants are addictive. They must not be reduced all at once, but the dose must be reduced gradually! Always talk to your doctor about how to reduce and then discontinue!
An important effect of well-filled serotonin reservoirs is: markedly increased alertness, concentration, mental and physical resistance. We get back to the forefront of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who at the time said: "Let your diet be your medicine, let your medicine be your diet"!!!

For years, I have been taking once a day MAKE U HAPPY on an empty stomach and enjoying the positive tune that this makes possible. This feeling of happiness can be taken into account due to the fact that we have a sufficient biochemical base.

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