Sleeping hormone melatonin

For survival, the important sleep hormone melatonin consists of cerebral serotonin, needed at night. In the past, this was not a problem because the diet of our ancestors automatically provided enough serotonin. In today's modern life, full of stress, poor nutrition, and a dangerous shift in the food spectrum from plant to animal proteins, this food is no longer guaranteed. This is particularly evident in the dark annual period when the body consumes more melatonin. Since it arises from serotonin when this deficiency occurs, the number of autumn and winter depressions increases. Everything says that the "MAKE U HAPPY" tablespoon in the morning is fasting. Since we learned how to master fire - after we evolved - we began to eat cooked and roasted flesh, the very synthesis of cerebral serotonin, resulting in the consumption of well-grown plants on empty stomachs.

Only the latest research results in gastroenterology and endocrinology made serotonin more popular. For a long time, when we have forgotten the secrets of well-tuned life, caused by the hormone of happiness and well-being of serotonin, probably most people suffered from cerebral serotonin deficiency each day. Helping to promote serotonin synthesis in cerebrospinal fluid is also a movement, preferably in fresh air. But nowadays, only a small number of people have enough of it. Thanks to the modern lifestyle, the imitation of the original method of our ancestors are hardly feasible, because nowadays no one is able to take a small amount of raw and chew it well enough.

Melatonín Účinné tabletky na chudnutie


Melatonin is a hormone that, normally, in a healthy body, originates in a cerebral serotonin epiphysis. Its work is influenced by light. At night, it is up to 10 times more than a day. If we do not have good sleep, deep and long enough, we do not allow enough melatonin production. One tablespoon of MAKE U HAPPY can replace this deficit. Melatonin has an important influence on the digestive system in the body and also affects the intestinal motility (momentum).

In its absence, we can suffer from poor metabolism, digestive difficulties, weight gain, insomnia and fatigue, not just late in the day, but we experience it when we wake up. Permanent fatigue takes away energy and positive thinking, we cope worse with stress and can begin to experience depression.

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