The secret of serotonin

Since almost all people are looking for the charming feeling of happiness, there is a question of how we can get this feeling without turning to drugs? We can do this only if we uncover the secrets of serotonin.

It originates in the organism from the amino acid L-tryptophan. Because it is an amino acid, we might think that just enough meat can be eaten. After that, a man feels rather sad, not happy, and many people are unfortunately tired. Who, on the other hand, has a lot of raw diet, usually has a better experience, especially if you eat it on an empty stomach. This is not a solution for all, because the raw diet is not a good digest for "cold types".

Serotonin messenger as a hormone conductor

L-Tryptophan is a basic building block for the synthesis of a central serotonin compound in the brain stem. Other branched-chain amino acids such as valine, leucine, isoleucine, tyrosine and phenylalanine, which use the same transport routes to cross the blood-brain barrier, into the alimentary cerebrospinal fluid, usually L-tryptophan in transport Chambers impeded by extrusion (see Michael Hamm, Food Medizin, Knaur Publishers 2006). But due to the fact that consuming the raw food mix, eliminating the competition of other amino acids on the pathway described above, L-tryptophan can penetrate into the cerebrospinal fluid and thus is available for the construction of serotonin.

The body synthesizes - according to its own program - its cerebral serotonin, which is needed to perform extensive tasks and acts as a "hormone conductor". Since the half-life of serotonin is about 21 hours, a single spoonful of MAKE U HAPPY will provide a sufficient availability of cerebral serotonin.

When consuming the usual one tablespoon of MAKE U HAPPY on an empty stomach with sufficient water, the fine fiber passes into a watery solution. It will get to the small intestine without any problems.

In the basal small intestine, it is disposed on the intestinal mucosa. Thanks to metabolism, on these large areas, the active ingredients from MAKE U HAPPY, soon after they are consumed, will get into the bloodstream. Because before consumption, the stomach is empty, almost no other energy carriers are present in the blood. A vital diet contains, besides the amount of amino acids, a mixed mixture of different, long chain carbohydrates. These lead to the exclusion of insulin, which transports not only glucose into the cells, but also, in the bloodstream, fresh amino acids, into the mitochondrial skeletal muscle.

In this way, all available amino acids are degraded - to the exclusion of the amino acids L-tryptophan (C11H12N2O2), not fitting into the skeletal muscle. This phenomenon is caused by a spatial structure.


For users, MAKE U HAPPY has, moreover, a hunger-calming effect, which leads many people to solve a few problems. Seduction, further fatigue removal, energy delivery and happiness.

What is the reason that physical activity supports the construction of serotonin?

The effect of fine fiber raw meal on the empty stomach offers explanation. Essentially, the availability of cerebral serotonin, which is ensured by sufficient penetration of its major constituent, L-tryptophan, into the cerebrospinal fluid.

Why does physical movement increase this effect?

In case of body load, the skeletal muscles consume the energy from the bloodstream. First, carbohydrates and then amino acids. Depending on what and when someone has eaten before, L-tryptophan, on the border of blood-brain, is getting rid of the competition.

This is also a supplementary explanation of why endurance training improves performance. The result of physical activity is, in any case, that all the amino acids available, apart from the important L-tryptophan, are consumed by the muscle cells. And so L - Tryptophan can freely find a way to the brain because it gets rid of the competition.

We are doing well if we want optimal supply, thanks to cerebral serotonin, to improve our quality of life. This is to ensure the full function of important mental and physical areas such as resistance to stress, control of sleep and wakefulness, control of temperature and pain, pulse control, memory and learning abilities.

Serotonin effects can be clearly felt as soon as serotonin levels rise in the body and after a few days or weeks.

Serotonin modulates, in many brain parts, receptors, also other hormones such as the "memory hormone" acetylcholine, "hormone of luck" dopamine, sexual hormones estrogen and testosterone, and the "hormone of love" oxytocin.


Serotonin also acts as a neurotransmitter in the body: it helps in the transmission of nerve signals and as a vasoconstrictor (for blood thinning). It affects the body's thermoregulation and sleep process. Its deficiency is mainly manifested by a mood that gradually leads to depression, in addition to sleep disorders. Only one tablespoon of MAKE U HAPPY can increase your serotonin levels up to 7x.

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