In every period of our lives, one’s skin changes. It depends on the age, the environment in which we live, the diet we eat, and even what the season is. One’s current skin condition can be long-term or short-term, depending on care. If we want to maintain a nice, youthful look without wrinkles for a long time, we need to use high-quality cosmetics, age supplements and supplements of body fluids. In order to be able to properly care for the skin, we need to know the type of skin that is different from the amount of skin sebum that the body produces.

We distinguish four skin types:

• Normal skin • Dry skin • Fatty skin • Mixed skin

Normal skin

Normal skin usually has a soft surface. The color of the skin is pinkish to peach and depends on the amount of pigment our body makes (it is very individual). This skin is typical for children. In adulthood, it is very rare. It's a skin that works flawlessly and forms an ideal amount of skin sebum.

Dry skin

Dry skin is dull, often pale, and porous to scaly. Since it is lacking in fat, such skin becomes more aged and, earlier, begins to form wrinkles. As age increases, the pores on the skin become larger, making it stiff to touch. It is very sensitive, prone to crack spools, and in older age, it often turns its veins over. It is very sensitive to weather influences such as wind, frost or strong sun. At a young age, this skin is very good because its sebaceous glands are almost inactive. The change occurs mostly after the age of 30. Incorrect care may lead to the discovery of different hawks - dried areas where the skin can literally peel off.

Fatty skin

Greasy skin is usually glossy. Excessive sebum formation occurs, which can lead to pores and consequently to acne formation (more about acne on:, various inflammatory deposits and comedoms (black dots). Read more at: Such skin is oily, gliding, but also coarser. It is more weather-resistant, because it creates a filter that protects it. It also grows old slower, and the wrinkles begin to appear later.

Mixed skin

It is the most common type of skin but needs the most demanding treatment, because often combinations of different preparations are to be chosen. In this case, we have to divide the skin into two parts. The first part is the T-Zone, which contains the brow, nose and chin, where the skin is greasy, the pores become widespread and form acne and comedones. The second part consists of cheeks and sleep, where the skin is dry. If we use only one kind of cosmetics on this face, it can lead to a dry skin that can become drier, or the greasy skin will promote sebum production and begin to develop acne and inflammation.

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