Can I enjoy Light of Life when I am 16 years old?
No. This product is not suitable for this young of an organism because it is still developing.

When I start taking Light of Life, how quickly do I see the changes?
Changes begin to appear within 5-10 days. But that's just the beginning. It takes a long time to rejuvenate the body from the outside and from the inside. Therefore, the packaging is for two months.

What happens if I stop taking Light of Life?
Changes that have occurred due to the use of Light of Life last for a while, but then, of course, the aging process will continue. Therefore, if you want changes that will be kept as long as possible or lasting, it is good to include Light of Life in your life. For $3 a day, which you are investing in yourself, you keep your youth and the benefits associated with it.

My hair falls out and on the body, are starting to appear the "anxious little things," will Light of Life help me?

Yes. In the process of rejuvenation and regeneration of the organism from the inside that takes place when using Light of Life, skin hydration improves and you are actually beginning to lose the blemishes that are done to you and hair loss caused by age stops. But if hair loss is due to some illness, we cannot guarantee it.

Why should I buy Light of Life and not something else?
Light of Life is verified and tested. It was also tested at the international competition in Paris, where the effects of various accessories were also evaluated, and I do not know that there would be another product in Slovakia that won first place in this prestigious competition and the award as the best rejuvenating product. And the amazing thing about it is an affordable price, for just € 3 per day.

Is Light of Life effective?

Light of Life has truly visible effects on the body, wrinkle filling, and overall regeneration. But every effect can be strengthened. We recommend you try a combination with the ICEIS / NORDIC Ice Water Daily Drinking. By better hydrating the body and just drinking 1.5l per day (compared to other waters that you should drink 2.5-3l), the effect will, of course, be more noticeable faster.

For who is it suitable or inappropriate / Can I use it?
Are you looking for happiness?