1. Light of Life .... Rejuvenation at the cellular level

Are you considering plastic surgery? Now you do not have to! The New Revolution in the world of Nutritional Supplements comes....

    • Make-up masks your appearance

    • Botox artificially tightens the skin

    • Our product will rejuvenate you at the DNA level

At cell level:

    • Stopping the telomeres from shortening by activating the enzyme telomerase

    • Increase the number of possible cell divisions in the body

    • Increase the number of young cells

Slow down the aging phenomenon

    • Filling of wrinkles and skin hydration

    • Nutrition of bones, joints and cartilage

    • Improving memory and mental abilities

    • Stop hair loss

Enjoy life

    • Increased sexual performance and libido

    • Improve sleep quality

    • More life energy

    • Better functioning metabolism, better digestion

Be healthy and happy

    • Supporting the quality and growth of hair and nails

    • Faster wound healing

    • Strengthening immunity and protecting organs

    • Improvement of "eyesight" of up to 1 diopter

    • Antibacterial effects

    • Mitigation of chronic diarrhea

    • Longer life

Your New Path Against Aging!

Composition / Ingredients of Light of Live


Astragalus has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years. It grows in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. It is also called adaptogene, which means it helps to protect the body against stress (physical, mental and mental).

Because it supports the immune system, it prevents respiratory infections, has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating effects, improves healing of skin injuries, reduces blood pressure and protects the liver. The US is working to use it in people who have weakened immunity due to chemotherapy or irritation in malignant tumors. Studies show that Astragalus promotes faster recovery and longer survival. Research has shown that astrogalany suppresses tumor defense mechanisms against the immune system and has significant antioxidant effects. In addition, they harmonize blood sugar levels.

It contains the following substances: triterpenoid saponins (astragalosides), flavonoids, polysaccharides, phytosterols, pigments, amino acids, betaine, choline, unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic (omega-6 fatty acids), and linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acids).

Astragalosides play a key role in immunostimulation and promote the formation of T-lymphocytes. (T-lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell). There are more types of T-lymphocytes, but we can generally say that they are the natural basis of cellular immunity specific, that is, acquired. The plant has very beneficial effects in HIV-infected patients, for HIV can cause AIDS.

It reduces body weight, has a low glycemic index, helps drain excess water from the body, regulates sugar levels, closes wounds that otherwise heal very slowly, and relieves long-term diarrhea.

It expands blood vessels and increases blood flow in the tissues, thereby helping to reduce excessive sweating (especially so-called night sweats) and to lower blood pressure.



Active cycloastragenol is the active substance for "Healthy Aging"

Studies on human CD4 and CD8 T cells have concluded that cyclo-traggenol is able to increase the telomerase activity to prolong the telomere length and this delays cell aging, which leads to a reduction in the effects of aging.


Telomerase is an enzyme that serves to replicate telomere, the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. The chromosome is a cellular nucleus visible during mitosis or meiosis, which consists of one or two molecules of DNA and bound proteins (nucleoproteins).

A replication mechanism that replicates almost the entire chromosome is unable to replicate its end. Without telomerase, the ends of the eukaryotic chromosomes would be shortened at each DNA replication. After a certain number of divisions, which we call the Hayflick limit, cells without telomerase activity can no longer divide. Therefore, for the purpose of chromosome splicing, there is a specific telomerase enzyme that has reverse transcriptase properties. That means that it creates DNA according to the matrix in the form of RNA. This RNA matrix is a structural component of telomerase itself.

With each cell division, the telomeres are shortened and extended only by enzyme telomerase. Growth telomeres - cell structures at the end of chromosomes, is the age of our cells. These small chromosome terminations affect how fast our cells get old; if they get shorter, the cells will stop dividing.

So we can say that chromosomes are carriers of genes. The end portions of the chromosomes, the telomere, protect the hereditary material from degradation. The longer the telomere is, the longer the cells can stay. During life, the telomeres are shortened and their length is currently considered to be a sign of biological aging.


Light of Life activates Telomerase hormone to prolong telomere. It slows down the effects of aging, both on the outside of the body and inside. Thus, tissues can be regenerated, even in advanced age.


Hyaluronic acid is a transparent substance that has an extraordinary ability to bind moisture. It works like a sponge that is able to absorb up to a thousand times the amount of water, such as its own weight. It is found in every tissue of the body.

It protects swamps and bacteria from the pericelular matrix to the cell. It prevents collagen deposition and thus promotes flawless tissue healing. An analgesic effect has also been described.

Doctors use it to relieve symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, dry eye syndrome, and pain associated with joint damage, such as arthritis. Positive effects are attributed to increased mobility, sleep quality, alertness, muscle strength, sexual potency, wound healing, bone density, and improved vision.

  Hyaluronic acid

* Clinical Effects of Dietary Hyaluronic Acid on dry, rough skin. Sato, Sakamoto, Odanaka, Yoshida, Urishibata Second Dermatology Laboratory, Medical School, Toho University.

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